Our preschool programme which caters for children up to school entry age is based on developing not only learning skills but also social and life skills. Our aim is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that will allow your child to learn and develop while also having fun!

Our preschool programme is aimed at preparing your child  for entry into primary school

Our typical day:

  • Freeplay – we have a wide range of toys and educational items that your child can choose from during freeplay. 
  • Social Time / Small group work – this can be games or arts & crafts that will help develop the creativity in your child along with their coordination & problem solving skills.
  • Snack time – small snack to keep energy levels up for learning and having fun
  • Outdoor / Activities – group games & activities that are season and weather determined. These activities allow your child to mix with and develop friendships with other children in the class. We also try and teach new skills. 

We have an enthusiastic, innovative, caring and creative team that are dedicated to the care of your child.


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Mission Statement

Sister Clemens Preschool provides a safe, happy, fun and stimulating educational environment whereby children are valued as unique individuals, encouraged and supported by caring, experienced and qualified practitioners.

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"We are very happy with the services provided for at Sr. Clemens. Both our children loved it, one of whom is stil in the school and I wou...

Margaret & Terry
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